A "Unit" on Unity

Cast your mind back to elementary school, when your third-grade teacher announced that your class would be doing a unit on the solar system, lifecycles, or cultural holidays. Every subject you studied that week – math, science, reading – would touch on that theme.

The Universe plays the role of that third-grade teacher: it bundles messages together for us in neat little “units.” Something you read in an article online will resonate with an exchange you had with a friend, which will make even more sense in light of the movie you watch on Netflix that night.

That’s your "unit:" the thing you are karmically meant to learn and practice that week. By tuning into these messages, we ensure that we are constantly evolving towards wholeness and happiness.

A few months ago, I found myself deep in a unit on oneness. Turmoil abounded in my work environment, and my mind started tossing around judgments of others (and myself) left and right. One thing was clear: this mindset was definitely not advancing anyone’s happiness.

One morning, I was inspired to read a chapter from Wayne Dyer’s book, Change Your ThoughtsChange Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao, before meditating. The 10th verse of Lao Tzu’s famous teachings begins like this: “carrying body and soul/and embracing the one/ Can you avoid separation?”

To practice that teaching, Wayne Dyer advocates a daily practice of feeling a divine energy that beats our own hearts and the hearts of every other living being. Even in the midst of conflict and wildly different opinions, we can still sense into that divine heartbeat – we can still celebrate Oneness.

That idea was lovely. But there was still more material in my unit. It came with my daily Note from the Universe, Mike Dooley’s hilariously insightful listserv. Here’s what the Universe wrote that day:

"Expecting and preparing for their very best behavior - in terms of respect, love, kindness, and wing-a-ding-dong - guarantees nothing, Christina. But it does maximize your chances of getting it. And if you don't insist that such behavior comes from a specific person, my hands will be free to find you what you prepared for, or better."

Just in time for my morning work meeting, I had my unit: I set the intention to gently redirect my thoughts from judgment to reminders about unity, even when I disagreed with others (thanks, Lao Tzu and Wayne!).

And if I went into my meeting with a heart full of love and kindness, I could be confident it would bounce back to me in some way – even if it wasn’t from those specific beings in that particular space and time (thanks, Mike Dooley!). Needless to say, the meeting went swimmingly.

The weekend is upon us, and we will soon find ourselves inundated with messages from social gatherings, social media, and chance encounters. What’s your unit this weekend?

Here’s hoping it’s at least as much fun as studying the solar system – if not more so!


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