Give the gift of energy healing – and receive a free session yourself!

During the holiday season, we practice giving and receiving. These are two connected points on an energetic circle. When we allow ourselves to receive, we keep our own inner resources replenished, which enhances our capacity to give. In order to stay in balance, we need to do both.

Because I believe in the power of energy healing to release stuck energy in the body, heal emotional wounds, and promote relief from stress and physical pain by resetting the nervous system, for a short time I'm offering you the opportunity to both give and receive the gift of energy healing.

This holiday season, if you purchase an energy healing session with me as a gift for somebody else, you will also receive a complimentary session with me for yourself.

Even better, I've designed this offer to fit your holiday budget. For a limited time, you can purchase your gifted session for $75 (a $50 discount on my regular per session rate). There are only a few special offer sessions available, so act quickly! The promotion ends when the last one is purchased. 

These are 75-minute sessions that can be held in person in my treatment room in Los Angeles, or conducted online via a Zoom video chat (it's true – energy healing works across the distance!).

Spread the love to someone else this holiday season, and it will come back to you – instantly!

Please use this link to purchase your gifted session, claim your complimentary one, and learn more about this one-time offer.

Happy giving and receiving!

Love and light,


Christina McMahon is an energy healer counselor, a meditation teacher, and a children's writer. To learn more about her energy healing practice, click here. When you subscribe to her blog, you'll receive a free gift and also stay informed about speaking events, workshops, and special deals on healing sessions.