Short & Snappy Interview! Justin + Meghan from CLM

Photo: Lerina Winter, Winter Creative Co.

Welcome to the first Short & Snappy interview in my new series! I'll be asking leaders in the fields of mindfulness, conscious living, and creativity to share their wisdom – always with an added emphasis on kids and parenting.

My inaugural interview is with the visionary editors of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Justin Faerman and Meghan McDonald. Read on!


CSM: What does it mean to live a conscious lifestyle?

J + M: Living with a self-awareness of how your thoughts, beliefs, actions and lifestyle impact yourself and all of life – and extending that awareness to what you eat, what you do with your life, and how you interact with others (and anything and everything in between).

CSM: Discuss one eye-opening article you've published recently.

M: I'm a huge fan of Dr. Lissa Rankin's work since she has a science background but lives so much from her heart and intuition. We included a piece by her on true fear vs. false fear in the Fall 2015 issue.

 J: I resonate with a new piece we’re calling “Quantum Evolution” (forthcoming in Winter 2016) which applies quantum mechanics to our own transformation, healing, and self-actualization.

CSM: Justin, you told me that even as a kid you were thinking deeply about spirituality and the meaning of life. What advice do you have for parents with a kid like you? 

 J: To encourage self-expression, try using “I” statements if you need to correct behavior (Ex: “I don’t agree with that” vs. “No, that's wrong”).  That keeps children from forming limiting beliefs that can last a lifetime.  When you use "I," children learn that you’re simply expressing your opinion and not teaching them what they should believe about reality.

CSM: What specific article in Conscious Lifestyle could you recommend to conscious parents?

 M: That Lissa Rankin piece touches on how fears and thought patterns can be transferred epigenetically to kids so it's important for parents to work through their own trauma or limiting beliefs. 

 J: Everything! Conscious parenting is about so much. Here are two components: 1) Feed them organic whole foods and superfoods and stay away from toxins/chemicals; 2) Model a conscious lifestyle by removing your own inner blocks and emotional wounds.

CSM: What's coming up in Conscious Lifestyle? Tell us some authors and topics we can expect to encounter in your pages soon.

M: I'm excited for the video interview series we're launching in 2016 and that we will have print issues available very soon!

J: Expect to see practical, in-depth content about breakthroughs in holistic health, nutrition, healing, and spiritual evolution from authors and visionaries both new and old to you. The video interviews are with the world’s leading conscious thinkers and change makers.  Exciting times!


Justin Faerman is a visionary change agent, entrepreneur and healer dedicated to evolving global consciousness, bridging science and spirituality, and spreading enlightened ideas on both an individual and societal level. He is the co-founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine and a sought after coach and teacher, known for his pioneering work in the area of flow. He is largely focused on applied spirituality, which is translating abstract spiritual concepts and ideas into practical, actionable techniques for creating a deeply fulfilling, prosperous life. Connect with him at
Meghan McDonald is the co-founder and co-editor of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine. She is an award-winning human behavior and psychology researcher with a passion for personal growth and development. Her studies have taken her around the world and back and have largely shaped her outlook on life, which is filled with compassion, love, and possibility. An inspiration junky through and through, her heart-based approach to life keeps the magazine in the sweet spot between profound and playful.