What's the "Magic" behind Energy Healing? (It’s not what you think…)

For all chronic illness, symptoms are actually apparent in the cells several years earlier. That means there’s no such thing as a “sudden” illness: our cells are aware of it long before we are.

Deepak Chopra has compared this to relationships. Before any big rupture, there's been a steady accumulation of resentment, unresolved issues, deflection, and withdrawal over many years. There’s no such thing as a “sudden” split: our minds have been painfully aware of those little rips and tears in the fabric of the relationship for awhile.

Just as our cells have a natural way of healing illness, Deepak explains, the mind has a natural healing response to relationship rifts: awareness. By bringing our compassionate attention to our own shortcomings and those of our loved ones, we reach a deeper understanding of how the relationship was torn and how to mend it. That’s the power of meditation.

Awareness is also the healing response for painful emotions that have lived so long in our bodies. That’s the power of energy healing. There’s really nothing “abracadabra” about it: energy healing is simply a deep somatic awareness of the wounds we walk around with in our skin.

In an energy healing session, you are led into your body to make loving contact with any troubling emotions: insecurity, doubt, anger, self-aversion. All of these emotions are yearning to be felt at the energetic level. You might see an image, tap into a physical sensation, or revisit an early childhood memory. Your energy will show you exactly what you need to become aware of in order to heal.

And since we heal in connection with others, the healer is there to feel into that energy along with you, bringing the full force of their sensitivity and compassion.

All the while, your body is learning a new response to intimacy: through safe touch and contact with your healer, your emotions feel safe enough to be expressed around a caring other - someone who accepts you unconditionally and shares your intention for healing deep in their hearts. That experience primes you for stronger relationships outside of the healing room too.

Here’s the beautiful simplicity of it all: awareness is not just the path to a cure, it is the cure. And the “magic” of energy healing is simply your body’s natural receptivity to that cure.

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