A Sacred Pause

I've been on hiatus the past two weeks enjoying a memorable trip to the Cape Verde Islands in West Africa. My regular "Heart-Shaped Writing" blog post will be back next week.

In the meantime, I'm thrilled to feature Laura Fine as a guest-blogger this week. Laura is the founder & director of the Lionheart Institute for Transpersonal Energy Healing in LA. Her thoughts about taking a sacred pause are a beautiful reminder of the benefits of conscious living...


A Sacred Pause

By Laura Fine

Have you ever noticed how some people light up when you walk into a room and others seem to shut down? Are you aware how you have a change in your attitude or motivation around certain people in certain places? Have you wondered how the content or intensity of your thoughts impact others? Would you like to be less internally or externally reactive or evoke a different response?

When we throw a pebble in a pond, ripples emanate outward from the impact point. Similarly, our mind emanates vibrational frequencies into the atmosphere through our thoughts. Even if we don't see the ripples of thought energy emanating from our minds, they are there and subtly affect everyone in our environment. Every object, every being, every thought, and every action in this world has a specific rate of vibration. Everybody, in our healthy state, has a unique vibrational frequency. When a person gets sick, it is the vibrational rate that changes and is no longer in balance with its true nature.

It is possible to consciously change our vibrational frequency by opening the chakra energy system.  The process begins by paying attention to our breath and the inner sensations in our body. Where our breathing is inhibited, the chakra (the energy of our aliveness) is limited.

To shift our state and open, start by simply;

1.     Taking a Sacred Pause (for at least 60 seconds).

2.     Relax and notice the sensations present in the area, however limited.

3.     Pray, affirm and gently breathe, It's safe to bring aliveness into this area.

4.     Let go any expectation for the sensations to be different than what they are. Just be with whatever is present.

© Laura L. Fine, M.F.T. Degree, M.A., H.H.P.

Laura Fine trains people to be professional Energy Healing Practitioners and how to make a living doing it. She has two Masters Degrees, one in Marriage and Family Therapy, a second Masters in Theatre Arts. Laura is author of four books, including The Exceptional Therapist: The Energy System of Healing, and is Founder and Director of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Studio City, CA. www.LionheartInstitute.com/818.640.6444.


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