Relationship "Make or Breaks" – What You Need to Know!

Last year, I found myself in an unexpected dilemma. After years of inner work and visioning, I finally met the love of my life – and I didn't know how to deal! My nervous system was going crazy with all of the big changes in my life (new love, moving to a new city, living with someone for the first time). Because I knew this man was my sacred partner, I ran towards him. But I also needed help.

Like a gift from the sky, Scott Catamas and Emily Orum's "Relationship Essentials" course came into my life at the recommendation of a trusted friend. Over the next several weeks, I learned invaluable tools for communicating with my beloved in a way that I could be heard and understood. I also learned how to empathize deeply with him whenever he needed listening.

We grew so much from that process that I ended up repeating that course with Scott and Emily a few months later – this time with my beloved Darrin by my side! Their gift for teaching communication and emotional intelligence for all personal relationships – not just romantic ones – is truly inspired.

Their next "Relationship Essentials" course begins this Saturday, October 21st, and I felt compelled to spread the word to all of you. I am so honored to have Scott Catamas and Emily Orum, co-founders of Love Coach Academy, as my "Short & Snappy" interviewees today!


CSM: You have a mantra at Love Coach Academy: "empathy first." Tell us what that means.

SC & EO: So often, when we are in a challenging conversation we first want to defend ourselves OR be understood. How Perfectly Human! Our mantra of Empathy First is a way of remembering the value of creating emotional connection before getting to solutions or trying to be understood. We want to learn to give empathy first to ourselves, as well as to the other. By filling our well first, we have more time to give to others. By giving empathy to the other, we establish our genuine care.


CSM: Your work on relationships is inspired partly by Marshall Rosenberg's internationally acclaimed method of "Nonviolent Communication." What new things does your work add to NVC?

SC: I had the good fortune to work closely with Marshall 15 years ago, when I produced a series of video and TV projects with him. Emily and I have taken the essence of his teachings, and made them more "user-friendly" and easier to practice. We have also added some of what we have learned in other modalities (including Recovery & Shadow work, Neurolinguistic programming, Emotional Intelligence, and Somatic trauma therapy).


CSM: Besides being teaching partners, you are also partners in life. How does your relationship inform your teaching, and vice versa?

SC & EO: The two go hand-in-hand. We are "Relationship Geeks" and every day we spent hours talking about what we are learning, both with our clients and each other. We love to identify the patterns and habits of relationship with curiosity and compassion. That's why our motto is "How Perfectly Human." Emily teaches Scott about Self-Care and Self-Sourcing, and Scott supports Emily to increase her care and empathy for others.


CSM: Your upcoming online course is called: "Relationship Essentials." In a nutshell, what are the essentials for a healthy relationship?

SC & EO: The essentials include balancing self-care with care for others, and learning to draw from our head into our heart. In our relationships, it means leaving the world of right/wrong, judgment, blame, shame, and criticism. Instead, it means embracing curiosity, compassion, acceptance, appreciation, and reassurance. We teach these tools in a way that's fun, inspiring, and practical. Our online class includes a lot of practice.


CSM: Tell us your favorite success story from someone who went through your "relationship essentials" course. How did their lives and their personal relationships transform?

SC & EO: We will tell the story of a woman that we will call Lydia. When she first came to us, she was 69 and on the verge of suicide. She had never had a healthy relationship in her life, and haven't even dated in 4 years. With our tools, she gained confidence in herself and in others. She was inspired by the healthy community of the Love Coach Academy, and started to date. When she met a good guy, she immediately brought him into our work. Last year, Emily and I performed their wedding ceremony and a year later, they are still doing great!


Relationship Essentials is a transformational 8-week online course that will run from October 21st to December 9th, 2017. It is for singles and couples to learn simple tools and practices to thrive in communication and connection.

Scott Catamas is an internationally acclaimed Love Coach, specializing in Conscious Connections, Communication, and Relationships. He has won multiple EMMY awards as a writer and producer of educational television, and his work has been broadcast nationally over NBC, FOX, HBO, SHOWTIME, UPN, PBS, etc. Scott transitioned into teaching & coaching in 2005. Since that time, Scott has facilitated over 1,000 classes, events & workshops. He has personally coached thousands, including over 300 couples, families and small businesses throughout the U.S., Europe & Asia. In 2012, he started “The Love Coach Academy” as a way to train others to coach & teach. 
Emily Orum Marshall, HHP, CMT is a dedicated Love & Relationship Coach. Through Self-Sourcing (teaching people how to love themselves and source their own needs from within), Emily shows her clients how to integrate mind, body, heart, and spirit to become whole and free. She is a highly sought after Holistic Educator and Transformative Speaker and Relationship Expert, and a co-founder of Love Coach Academy where she is mentoring other coaches. She has over ten years in therapeutic practices, achieving numerous certifications, and a range of skills and gifts as a Sound Healer, Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner, Intuitive Em-path, and Singer/Songwriter. She guides others to their full potential by re-patterning unhealthy life habits and beliefs, and is known for her uplifting coaching style of intimacy, vulnerability, authenticity, and joyfulness. 

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Scott Catamas and Emily Orum    Photo by Wendy Mendoza

Scott Catamas and Emily Orum

Photo by Wendy Mendoza