Want to Super-charge Your Business? Meet your True Love

There is a myth out there that smart, professional women have to choose: themselves, or a relationship? Their dream career, or love?

This is a powerful moment when women all over are awakening to their life purpose. They are women on a mission – and nothing will keep them from it. Won’t a relationship only get in the way?

While these mental barriers might keep you in your comfort zone, they might also be keeping you from reaching your highest potential. If you have a longing for deep and meaningful love in your life, that love just might be fundamental to your career goals.

Here are 5 reasons why meeting your true love can actually boost your business.

1.      They’ll keep you productive. The right partner will bend over backwards to make sure you have the space, time, and resources you need to realize your dream - because they’ll want it for you as much as you do. After she met her soulmate, Claire Zammit said: “How did I ever get anything done before this?” As the co-founder of Evolving Wisdom, the most rapidly growing company focusing on Transformative Education, Zammit knows about getting things done.

2.      They’ll challenge you. Since authenticity is at the heart of healthy partnership, your true love will always speak their truth. And that’s a good thing for business – an outside eye can catch things you might not see. (My husband Darrin suggested the title for this blog post. Mine was worse!)

3.      They’ll bring you clarity. Opening to love stretches you so much that you discover gifts you never imagined you had. It wasn’t until I burst through my barriers to love and came together with Darrin that I discovered the focus for my healing practice: guiding other women on their own paths to love. I could not have known this otherwise.

4.      They’ll help you push past fear. If you want to be a high achiever, you have to take risks. And leaving your comfort zone is less scary with the support of a loving partner who believes in you. As performance strategist Laura Garnett says, “Knowing someone has your back no matter what happens in your professional life is a huge key for pushing the boundaries of possibility.”

5.      They’ll fire up your creativity. Being in love makes you feel good! So does a fantastic sexual connection. There are concrete benefits of this for your business. As Dr. Helen Fisher writes: “Feelings of romantic love can boost levels of dopamine, a neurochemical associated with creativity, while sexual desire can raise levels of testosterone, known to promote analytical skills.” Creativity and analysis are keys to success. Get your love juices flowing, and you’ll keep your profits growing!

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