COMING SOON! Short & Snappy interviews on creativity and conscious living...

COMING SOON! Short & Snappy interviews on creativity and conscious living...

And how it can transform your whole family.

My website got a facelift! From here on out, you will see heart-shaped blogging about creativity and spirituality, now with added attention to children and the parents they're raising (don't we all need it? Kids are so smart...).

Starting next week, I will be posting interviews on here regularly with inspiring leaders in mindfulness, conscious living, and children's stories. They get 5 questions to answer, and have to respond to each one in 50 words or less. The ultimate Short & Snappy dose of wisdom for your day! And all of it shaped by the heart.

Intention Setting

(Or the art of stumbling into everything you want…)


In Wayne Dyer’s classic book The Power of Intention, he describes an infinite field of potential. All of our intentions exist before we even name them. Everything we desire is already out there in the field, just waiting for us to connect to it.

How do we do that? When this question pops up in our minds, it often takes the tone of the whiny child we once were: “Are we there yet? How much longer till we get there?” From our adult vantage point, things haven’t changed much. A journey always feels longer when we are waiting to get somewhere.


When to do a Random Act of Kindness, Part II

Last week, I had a revelation. Before I went to bed one night, I told the Universe I wanted to shift from being a “love-seeker” to being a “love-giver.” I was visiting Ashland, Oregon at the time, and the next day I wandered into a spiritual bookstore downtown. My heart led me straight to two books: The Kindness Handbook, by Sharon Salzberg, and , by Pam Grout. Of course. That’s my style these days – Buddhist-inflected wisdom, on the one hand, and Law of Attraction books, on the other. The Universe was talking back.


When to do a Random Act of Kindness, Part I

(And when not to…)

On a hot summer day in Philly last year, I was standing on a street corner with a dear old friend from college after a lovely afternoon together. A homeless woman approached us. “Can you go in there with me and get me some candy?” she said, nodding to a CVS. Having just told my friend about my spiritual practice, I felt a surge of pride. Here was a chance to show her what I meant by lovingkindness! I offered the homeless woman a couple of dollars, a big smile on my face. The woman looked at me disdainfully. “No thank you,” she said coldly. As she walked away from us, she muttered, “It wasn’t about the money. I wanted the candy.” I felt mortified. I could almost see the ugly purple bruises on my ego.

Balancing Anger with Compassion: Reflections on the May 23 Isla Vista shootings one year later

One year ago today, I was sitting out on my porch listening to a compassion meditation downloaded on my phone. A call came through. It was my Dad: “Did you see the news this morning?” When I heard the tone of his voice, I knew I would need to finish my meditation before I could take this in, so I told him I’d call him back. Like most of our deepest intuitions, this one was dead on. It would take an ocean of compassion just to face the next few days.

Baltimore: A Spiritual Perspective

Full confession: Within the last year, I've stopped devouring the details – and the accompanying negativity – from news media. I always have some idea of what's going on in the world, so that I know where to direct my compassion. I'm just more protective of my energy field now that I'm on a spiritual path.

Yet as I watched the video replay of Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby addressing the media last Friday, I felt called to plug back in, and even to respond.