Christina's ability to channel energy, offer compassionate guidance, and awaken the natural healing ability that we all possess within ourselves is nothing short of incredible.  She does an excellent job of explaining her therapy techniques so that even the most inexperienced client will feel comfortable.  She has a soothing voice, calming effect, and instinctual way of working with individualized needs.  Some of the visualization and breathing exercises that she  suggested made me feel like a world of possibility was open to me.  Even if you are someone who doesn't fully understand or appreciate Reiki yet, you will leave feeling relaxed and stress-free, all while a little bit of magic transpired in your energy field and subconscious.  - KATIE
Christina was my go-to gal when I was really feeling the stresses of life. I could go to her to find clarity, release physical pain and to simply be uplifted. Christina is powerful, I would feel a great sense of calm and ease when I would take a session. I'd often drift into a twilight awareness or full sleep in which deep energetic healing was taking place. She's amazing! - RYAN
Thank you so much for that healing miracle, lovely! Never underestimate the power of you. You just facilitated the deep healing of something that has been a real life trigger for me for a year. I received an intense infusion of the knowing that I am not alone and that I am loved eternally. - KATE