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I’m so happy that many of you are finding me through my “sacred love” meditations on Insight Timer!

While I love hearing from you about your love journeys, please understand that I’m unable to offer individualized advice through email or this contact form.

If you are seeking personalized guidance from me, here are three options:

1) Join my Insight Timer course “How to Attract Love into Your Life” and post your question in our group classroom. I’ll leave you an audio reply as soon as I can.

2) Sign up for a free 20-minute consultation call with me. These calls are for exploring the idea of working with me privately. Here is more info on my counseling/energy healing sessions.

3) I’m able to answer some questions about love in the form of “Q&As” in blog posts that I send out on my mailing lists of 300+ people. If you’re interested in this, please use the form below to ask me your question. Be sure to let me know that it’s OK for me to answer it in a public blog post, and how you would prefer to be identified in my post (ex: initials, city of residence, first name, etc.).

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