Accelerate your Path to Sacred Love!

Group Support Calls with Christina McMahon


What is Sacred Love?

A sacred partnership is a healing relationship. Sacred partners "get" each other at the soul level, creating a nurturing space for each other to be vulnerable. Alongside passion, there is also a feeling of familiarity and fun. Your conversations are easy and inspiring, and when you hold each other, your bodies fit together like two puzzle pieces. You are a divine match for each other, sacred mirrors, and soulmates.

How do I get there?

By claiming your worthiness for love, getting intentional about finding it, and dating in a targeted way that feels fun and natural to you.

Join me!

I’m now offering live group support calls via Zoom video conferencing once a month. These calls are open only to people enrolled in either my “Opening to Sacred Love” program or my “How to Attract Love Into Your Life” audio course on Insight Timer.

why add on support calls?

  • Mastermind Groups bring in happy results quickly because everyone shares the same intention and gains momentum together. When one person attracts in love, it often has a domino effect - and soon EVERYONE in the group is with their sacred partner!

  • Your commitment keeps you focused. In the general busy-ness of life, it’s easy to let love slip down your list of priorities. Regular support calls keep love on your radar. What you put your attention on matters - because that’s what will draw love in.

  • Like-minded people keep you on track. It’s easy to get off-track with dating: you might be tempted to get involved with people who aren’t in alignment with what you want, or let fear or complacency stop you from taking inspired action toward love. We won’t allow you to get in your own way! We’ll hold you to your vision so you can come together with your sacred partner without delay.

  • You start living “as if” love is already here. By joining a support group, you declare to yourself and the Universe that you’re not “going it alone” any longer. You’re open to receiving support from others now as a kind of “holding place” for your sacred partner, who will step in and provide that same kind of support when they arrive.

what can i expect?

Each support call will feature powerful group meditations and visualizations, as well as open time for sharing and support. Bring up anything that’s coming up for you with dating and relationships and you’ll receive personalized guidance from me, as well as support and encouragement from others in the circle. This is the BEST way to build your belief and TRUST that love is on its way to you!


  • Calls will be from 10 AM - 11:30 PM (PST) via Zoom video conferencing.

  • See below for the exact schedule of calls for the next few months.

  • Even if you can’t join us live for a particular call, everyone in the group will be sent the recording afterwards.

  • Subscriptions are for a 4-month period.

intro rates:

Group support calls with certified coaches or counselors are easily valued at $100 each or higher per session. I’m offering these at a much more affordable rate to make them accessible to everyone.

SUBSCRIPTION RATE FOR MEMBERS OF Opening to Sacred Love program


$38/month for 4 months


$138 for 4 months (10% off the monthly payment rate)


schedule of support calls for fall 2019:

All calls go from 10-11:30 AM (PST)

  • Sunday, September 22nd

  • Sunday, October 13th

  • Sunday, November 17th

  • Sunday, December 8th