Attract in Sacred Love, Part 1: Clearing out

This guided meditation will help you clear out any hidden feelings of unworthiness you may have - a crucial first step on your journey to love. When you feel complete with this process, please move on to the next meditation in this series.


Attract in Sacred Love, Part 2: Getting Clear

This guided meditation will help you get crystal-clear about the loving relationship your heart desires, and then anchor that feeling in your body. By doing this process regularly, you'll make yourself a powerful magnet for sacred love!




This guided meditation is for those bluesy days. We all have them. There's some difficult emotion swirling around inside us – anger, frustration, sadness, insecurity – and we're finding it hard to think about anything else. When we practice emotional release, we focus on the part of our body where we feel that emotion. We move to a place of total acceptance of whatever we are feeling. By making friends with that troubling emotion, we give it permission to release all on its own. And then we bathe ourselves in compassion.


Light of Lovingkindness

In this guided meditation, we generate sincere wishes for the well-being of ourselves and others. Harnessing the power of our imaginations, we envision ripples of happiness that encircle our loved ones, ourselves, casual acquaintances, and the world at large. The benefits spill over to our daily lives, since we learn to extend loving sentiments to ourselves and others at will. This meditation is for anyone seeking spiritual growth and expanded happiness. Genuine happiness means maintaining a peaceful and blissful mind regardless of what is happening around us. It is this brand of unshakable happiness that we summon into our lives by meditating consistently on lovingkindness.  

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On our path to inner peace, we start with where we are. It's difficult to go directly from inner turmoil to joy. We first need to build a bridge to feeling better, and self-compassion is the best foundation for that bridge. This guided meditation is all about self-care. It is designed for days when we are caught up in stress or emotional turbulence. We start by becoming fully present to the agitated state of our minds, and then direct the full force of our love to that agitation. When we feel some relief coming in, we shine the light of our compassion on loved ones in distress, and finally, an area of the world that needs our compassion. From this broader perspective, our spirits can lift, and we visualize ourselves walking across a bridge to a higher emotional plane.

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Manifestation & Empathetic Joy  

Empathetic joy steers us away from envy and towards higher emotional planes, such as abundance. When we perceive the world as overflowing with blessings, we gain more confidence in our abilities to receive them. Manifesting our own destinies then becomes effortless, since we truly believe that good things are just around the corner for us and everyone else in our lives. This guided meditation is for anyone on a spiritual path seeking to cultivate positive emotional states, as well as anyone practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction. It works especially well on days when we wake up feeling content, and we wish to elevate that feeling to one of pure joy.

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Equanimity for Personal Relationships