Since we will be working through layers of energy in the body, a sustained commitment over time is the best way to achieve the profound transformation you are seeking.

For this reason, I recommend that we work together in a series of sessions. When you book a package, we’ll have sessions twice a month until your series is complete.

If you’d like to try it out first, you can book an individual session to see if we’re a good fit.

After you purchase a session or package, you’ll be able to schedule your session(s) at the bottom of this page. At that time, you can choose in-person (for the Los Angeles area) or distance healing (via Zoom videoconferencing).


individual session: $120

package of four sessions: $460

package of six sessions: $660

Optional Payment Plan for 6-Session Package: $238/monthly subscription for 3 months

package of eight sessions: $840

*NOTE: The 8-session package also includes access to my online program, “Opening to Sacred Love” (valued at $247).

Optional Payment Plan for 8-Session Package: $227/monthly subscription for 4 months

 Once you have booked your session or package, you may schedule your session(s) here:

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My commitment is to women everywhere! A portion of the profits from my healing practice goes to Women for Women International, an extraordinary non-profit that provides job training and market skills to women in war-torn countries.