30-Day Love Visualization Project

welcome!! So happy to have you on board for this powerful group experiment!

Recordings of calls:

These can all be found in a Googe Drive folder here.

Call dates: Sunday, 9/29 (10AM PST), Tuesday, 10/15 (6PM PST), Sunday, 11/3 (10AM PST)

optional donation:

Since this is a beta group, it’s free or donation basis. If you choose to donate, it will support the healing work I do in the world, and it will also keep you committed and invested in our project this month. More commitment = bigger results!

I’ve set up donation levels from $5 to $25. It’s completely up to you whether you donate or not, and at what level.

Materials for our Project:

Please read through everything carefully before we start officially on Tuesday, October 1st!

Intro and Glossary

30-Day Visualization Calendar

List of Action Steps


Reiki bonuses:

On our calls, I’ll be leading group Reiki healing sessions in the final minutes. I’ve also included each of your names in a crystal grid that I will charge with Reiki energy each day, so that you will be sent Reiki energy every day during our 30-Day project.

I’ve also recommended that each of you get a Rose Quartz crystal to hold the frequency of your intention this month. Perhaps hold it while you’re doing the daily practice. And if you hold it while I’m sending the Reiki on the calls (or watching the recording), your crystal will be charged with that Reiki energy.

I’ll be leading you through three different Holy Love Reiki experiences (one per call). Please see the descriptions below for more info.

Holy Love I (9/29)

Holy Love II and III (10/15 and 11/3)