Working with Christina is a complete joy! Words cannot quite express the experience. She has a unique gift of staying truly present with you. She listens with an open and compassionate heart, and immediately provides you with personalized insights and guidance. I always look forward to sessions with Christina. She is loving, kind, and a wonderful human being. I have learned so much from her generous spirit. I highly recommend connecting with her. You will be better for it! 100% worth it!


Christina's ability to channel energy, offer compassionate guidance, and awaken the natural healing ability that we all possess within ourselves is nothing short of incredible.  She does an excellent job of explaining her therapy techniques so that even the most inexperienced client will feel comfortable.  She has a soothing voice, calming effect, and instinctual way of working with individualized needs. Some of the visualization and breathing exercises that she suggested made me feel like a world of possibility was open to me.  Even if you are someone who doesn't fully understand energy healing yet, you will leave feeling relaxed and stress-free, all while a little bit of magic transpired in your energy field and subconscious.  -KATIE (LOS ANGELES)

Energy healing is a powerful path to personal transformation. When we work together, you can expect dramatic breakthroughs in love and relationships, self-esteem, your career path, and your physical and emotional health.

Unlike in conventional therapy, I will help you get in touch with emotional blocks at the level of your body. Once you do that, you are just a few steps away from clearing them out forever and welcoming into your life all of the good things that you desire and deserve.

Each private session with Christina is a dynamic combination of transpersonal spiritual counseling and energy healing (hands-on or distant).

When we do transpersonal spiritual counseling, we will be working within the body to heal emotional wounds at the cellular level. As we talk, we will track your energy by identifying your verbal and somatic patterns. Then we can start to shift those patterns by bringing our loving attention to where you may have blocks or stagnation within your body and your energy field.

For the final part of our session, you get to simply receive. I will sense into your auric field to clear out any stuck energy that was brought to the surface during our counseling time.

The result is deep inner healing that reverberates on the outside in the form of blossoming relationships, greater health and well-being, and a higher quality of living that reflects your soul’s true purpose.


Here is an article I wrote explaining how energy healing and transpersonal spiritual counseling work.

Since we will be working through layers of energy in the body, a sustained commitment over time is the best way to achieve the profound transformation you are seeking.

The first step is to do a free consultation call to discover if we’re a good fit for working together. I see clients in person in Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world via videoconference.



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Christina McMahon is a certified Energy Healer Counselor (EHC) and Body Mind Balancer (BMB). She has 2 years of training at the Lionheart Institute for Energy Healing in L.A., including training in transpersonal spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, distance healing, and chakra activation. She is also certified in Reiki I and II.

HERE ARE SOME TESTIMONIALS from some of my wonderful clients...

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