Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Are there things that are holding you back from reaching higher levels of joy, abundance, well-being, or love?

You're not alone. So many of us struggle to bridge the gap between where we are in life, and where we would like to be.

Maybe you are longing to:

  • Manifest more love in your marriage or relationship

  • Discover emotional freedom by healing past traumas

  • Break free of job burnout and step into a career that lights you up

  • Treat chronic pain so you can live with ease

  • Move past money fears and attract more prosperity into your life

Whatever blocks are in your way, there is a way forward.

Energy healing is a powerful path to personal transformation. Unlike in conventional therapy, I will help you get in touch with emotional blocks at the level of your body.

Once you do that, you are just a few steps away from clearing them out forever and welcoming into your life all of the good things that you desire and deserve.

It's really that simple.

Here is an article I wrote explaining how energy healing and transpersonal spiritual counseling work.

If you're ready to break through those old barriers and step into your most expansive vision for your life, let's do a free discovery call and talk about how I can support you.

I see clients in person in Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world via videoconference.



If it is love and partnership that you are longing to attract into your life, click here to learn about my "Opening to Sacred Love" program.

Christina McMahon is a certified Energy Healer Counselor (EHC) and Body Mind Balancer (BMB). She has 2 years of training at the Lionheart Institute for Energy Healing in L.A., including training in transpersonal spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, distance healing, and chakra activation. She is also certified in Reiki I and II.

HERE ARE SOME TESTIMONIALS from some of my wonderful clients...

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Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan. Practitioners lay their hands over the client, gently clearing out energy blockages and bringing about deep relaxation. Reiki has been found to reduce pain, relieve stress, and promote overall well-being. A wonderful complement to Western medicine, Reiki can bring your mind, body, and emotions in harmony.