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3 Power Steps for Attracting in Sacred Love

This powerful reading will get you on your path to love! Download here.

Attract in Sacred Love, Part 1: Clearing out

This guided meditation will help you clear out any hidden feelings of unworthiness you may have - a crucial first step on your journey to love. After you have listened to this meditation enough times to feel complete with this process, please move on to the next meditation in this series.

Attract in Sacred Love, Part 2: Getting Clear

This guided meditation will get you crystal-clear about the loving relationship your heart desires, and then anchor that feeling in your body. By listening to this meditation regularly, you'll make yourself a powerful magnet for soulmate love!


Ready to deepen your commitment to

meeting your sacred partner?

My program "Opening to Sacred Love" supports women in clearing out emotional blocks, opening up avenues to love, and dating in a way that is targeted to finding your soulmate. After you do this program, your love life will be forever changed! You can expect deep transformation, and a more joyful dating experience than you could ever imagine.

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While my "Opening to Sacred Love" program is targeted to love seekers who identify as women, I offer individual "love attraction" packages to men and all other gender identities. If this is you, I'd love to hear from you! Please use the link above to schedule your free phone consultation.