"Opening to Sacred Love" Program

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"Opening to Sacred Love" Program

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The “Opening to Sacred Love” program is designed to give conscious women and men like you all the tools you need to find deep, lasting love, with someone who fits your soul perfectly.

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The "Opening to Sacred Love" program is a holistic approach to dating and relationships. It's a powerful combination of “inner prep” and “outer steps,” which means you get hands-on guidance for getting yourself ready for love on the inside, as well as actionable tools for navigating the dating world in a way that sets you up for optimal success with love.

More about the program:

  • 7-module online training course

  • You go at your own pace

  • Easy-to-follow instruction and exercises

  • A mixture of audio, visual, and written material to support every type of learner


    Led by Christina S. McMahon, Ph.D., a certified Energy Healer Counselor with several years of experience helping clients come together with their sacred partners.